Love Conquers Alz

PINK LADY - Author, Host. Motivational Speaker, Actress, & Caregiver: LIFE AFTER CAREGIVING

November 12, 2021 Pink Lady, Susie Singer Carter and Don Priess Season 3 Episode 46
Love Conquers Alz
PINK LADY - Author, Host. Motivational Speaker, Actress, & Caregiver: LIFE AFTER CAREGIVING
Show Notes

IN EPISODE 46 - Don and I had an absolutely inspiring conversation with Jackie Goldberg, also known as the Pink Lady. Pink is 89 years young  - and I don’t say that lightly.  Pink is a teacher, actor, author, and toastmaster. For over 40 years, she was in the fashion industry as a Womens’ Wear marketing & sales rep. At age 70, she developed a series of seminars called, “Get Up, Get Out, & Get a Life,” to encourage fellow seniors to embrace new challenges. She also began an acting career. This led to her creation of the non-profit Senior Star Power Productions and an annual live stage show featuring performers over the age of sixty. The mission of Senior Star Power is to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of seniors through the arts. This also led to her Variety/Talk Show, “Pink Lady Presents”.

When Pink was 64, Walter, her husband of 32 years was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Without a fraction of the resources available today, she relied on her instincts to guide her as she embraced her new role as a Caregiver. I love this interview because it comes from a healthy and positive senior perspective. It is also extremely candid and disarming - which is what I find so appealing about talking to “senior citizens”. (Can we please find a better title?”)  

When Pink was 70, her beloved Walter passed away. With her caregiving days behind her, she took back her life and  reinvented herself - truly living by her mantra, “Get Up, Get Out, & Get A Life! It Ain’t over Til I Say It’s Over!” Also the title of her book, Pink writes,”“I believe I’m a perfect example of what the right attitude and gratitude can do for you. You need to know who you are and realize there is still a lot of livin’ to do. The purpose of life, after all, is to live it. This is truly our time to live life to the max-to taste each experience and to live in the present moment, wisely, lovingly and with enthusiasm. In today’s world, it takes guts to get older, without being old. Aging happens to everyone. It’s inevitable.  However, there’s no need to become a victim of age.”

How did she become “Pink Lady”?  It began when she worked in the fashion industry and dressing in pink became her trademark. Pink Lady is a force of nature, like getting a shot of vitamin B-12!  She is blessed with 5 children, 6 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren . . . who all call her Pink Grandma. Her philosophy of life is to “Think Pink!” to see love and inner beauty in everything and everyone around her, and to feel the energy and aura that a color can give us by letting people see life through rose-colored glasses.

I’m sold! After listening to this interview  - you will be, too!

Susie xoxo

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