Love Conquers Alz

Max Goldman; CEO/Co-Founder of CAREFULL- Safety & Support for Your Loved One's Money

February 03, 2021 Max Goldman Season 2 Episode 30
Love Conquers Alz
Max Goldman; CEO/Co-Founder of CAREFULL- Safety & Support for Your Loved One's Money
Show Notes

In Episode 30, Max Goldman, a startup entrepreneur and tech industry veteran, has a message: "To the 45 million of you caring, coordinating and contributing to a loved one’s daily money matters: you are not alone."

The Problem
To understand why we are here, call a bank and ask literally any question that would help you understand or protect your parents’ financial activity.
If making this call sounds awful and unproductive, we agree. The reality is, today's banking systems weren’t built for caregiving.

The Story
Todd Rovak spent the first part of his career helping financial services firms find new and innovative ways to better serve their customers. For years, he imagined a new kind of financial company that could focus specifically on the caregiving life stage (and he’ll be glad to show you his sketches).

He brought the idea to his friend Max Goldman, who’d recently sold his company to Google. At first, Max just didn’t get it. But then, like so many in the sandwich generation, he began providing care to a loved one and started to experience the challenges of the financial caregiving journey for himself.

A Better Toolkit
They are building Carefull because taking care of aging parents is about more than health and safety. It’s also about making sure money issues are under control.

Your own children, job and everyday life require so much energy, but you somehow still make time to support the ones who supported you. You make sure bills get paid, watch for fraud or mistakes, and ask siblings to contribute — yet the best the world can offer to help you is paper, spreadsheets, and hold music.

Creating safer, smarter tools for financial caregiving isn’t only about money. It’s about relentlessly simplifying the awkward tangle that happens when money and family come together.

They see what’s truly possible when it’s easier to manage loved ones’ daily money matters.

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